Classic d´platos potato salad.
With prawns and homemade toasted bread
8,80 €
Baked Provolone cheese over tomato concassé.
10,90 €
Goat cheese medallions
Griddled with walnuts, caramelised onion, and molasses.
9,90 €
Board of Iberian ham.
(approx. 120g)
20,50 €
Mixed board of fresh-cut Iberico ham and cured sheep milk cheese. 100% aged
20,20 €

Straight from the garden

Selection of lettuces
Dressed in our homemade cheese dressing with crispy chicken nuggets and parmesan.
10,95 €
Selection of fresh lettuces.
With avocado, purple onion, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and your choice of dressing
10,95 €
Dressed Kumato tomato
With premium mackerel fillets, sweet and sour gherkins, capers, and EVOOE
10,95 €
Fried eggplant stick
With salmorejo, cured cheese and molasses
8,80 €
Grilled vegetables straight from the garden
With quality cured ham.
10,80 €


Angus burger.
Traditional style and served with potatoes (approx. 200g)
13,90 €
Oxtail burger
Battered, drizzled with a reduction of its own sauce and served with potatoes (approx. 200g)
15,90 €
Artisan lamb burger
With mustard curry sauce and served with rustic potatoes (approx. 200g)
14,90 €
Abanico of Iberian pork confit, served with fried potatoes.*
19,80 €
Mature beef short loin, Padrón peppers and baked potato slices.*
(450g aprox.)
22,80 €
Acorn-fed Iberian pork blade cooked in chopped garlic and Sauvignon Blanc
19,80 €
Assortment of Iberian cold cuts. Shoulder blade, flank, abanico, and arm shoulder.*
(approx. 400g)
26,90 €
Grilled pork entrecôte with a hint of butter.*
On three-times-cooked potatoes
18,80 €
Grilled mature beef t-bone steak. *
(approx. 1kg)
5,9€ /100gr €
Boneless free-range chicken thigh, roasted Singapore style*
14,80 €
Traditional ham knuckle braised with Merlot wine sauce.*
22,80 €
*Garnish: choose between potatoes or vegetables.

Vegan Corner

Vegan excellence burger with crispy potatoes
“The Beyond Burger”.
15,50 €
Vegan excellence sausage with crispy potatoes.
“The Beyond Burger”.
17,30 €

From the hen hut to the plate

Organic free range eggs and fried sliced confit potatoes, with your choice of...
Sautéed octopus and white truffle oil
17,80 €
Cured ham.
13,80 €
Strips of Iberian pork abanico cut.
13,80 €
Foie mousse and caramelised onion.
13,80 €


Fried fish: Señoret fried fish
Clean loins of red mullet, baby cuttlefish, local squid, sea bass, king prawns, octopus leg coated with stone-ground wheat flour
19,90 €
Red tuna tartare.
19,80 €
Pan-fried octopus.
Twice-cooked with sautéed vegetables and oyster sauce.s
22,80 €
Pan-fried octopus with potatoes.
22,80 €

Rice dishes

Available only in Málaga

Price per person, minimum 2 people
Arroz Bomba
Bomba rice dish served in a paellera pan with roasted garden vegetables and paprika from La Vera.
13,20 €
Arroz Ciego
Bomba rice dish served in a paellera pan with fish and seafood, flavoured with saffron threads and strips of roasted red pepper.
14,20 €
Arroz de Carne
Bomba rice dish in a paellera pan with diced Iberico pork loin, paprika from La Vera and whole fried almonds.12,20
12,20 €


Cold cheese cake served with homemade berry confiture.
5,00 €
Greek yoghurt mousse served with muesli and raspberry compote.
5,00 €
Chocolate mousse served with orange custard.
5,00 €
Brownie with Madagascar vanilla ice cream quenelle.
5,00 €
Lemon pie
5,00 €
d'Platos Original · A unique and different flavor of the house.
5,00 €
5,00 €

Our Cake

Carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
6,20 €
Black forest
6,20 €
Red Velvet
6,20 €
6,20 €


Bread Service
1,50 €